BMANACA is a nonprofit, nonpolitical, scientific, educational and humanitarian organization. Its members are physicians and health care professionals of Bangladeshi descent or demonstrate deep commitments to the core values of our organization. Our aim is to promote interconnectedness of members of the medical profession who share a common background. Our main goals are to ardently support professional activities catering to health education and health care needs and engage in humanitarian projects locally and globally, particularly in Bangladesh. We will strive to be the leader for building bridges between different community based organizations dedicated to offering high quality health care to the deserving and needy.


Our vision is to create a culture of excellence in professional service, medical education and form a bridge between California Physicians of Bangladeshi origin and other physicians both in the U.S.A. and globally. Our long term projection is to become an exemplary California based physicians and health care professional organization of Bangladeshi origin which will promote better understanding amongst ourselves and disseminate medical knowledge and know how to other community groups at home and particularly in Bangladesh and globally. We hope to collaborate with other ethnic physicians groups to expand the scopes for the future Bangladeshi origin physicians, residents, fellows. We will aspire to shape the future of health care, blending the best of the Bangladeshi values with the technological prowess of US health care. We hope that the Californian Physicians of Bangladeshi origin will instill the best of compassion,high ethical standards and morality to global physicians of Bangladeshi origin and beyond.


To say that I am honored and humbled by accepting the position of the Presidency of BMANACA Chapter, is an understatement. I have been very fortunate to be a part of this organization since it’s incipiency in the current form in 2009 and working side by side with progressive physicians who have tirelessly given their valuable time to make this chapter a force to reckon with. I, along with my esteemed Executive Team, will be dedicated to fulfilling the Mission of CA Chapter.

Keeping up with our Mission statement we will continue to forger forward to Network with physicians of Bangladeshi origin in California & other States and connect with other physician organizations, here in the U.S.A. and globally.

We will continue to enhance Scientific Education and learning. We live in an extremely exciting time where medicine is evolving at a dizzy speed with fantastic novel ways of finding etiology and treatment for various disorders and diseases. We will be conducting dynamic discussions on significant health issues and crisis in Bangladesh, USA and globally; contribute to changes in health care delivery; providing CMEs in California; linking medical volunteering opportunities for High School and College students in CA. We are also spearheading a Mentorship Programs that can guide medical students, new Bangladeshis Physicians looking to relocate to our state or looking for residency programs.

We have rejuvenating our previous BMANACA website from the archive and providing a user-friendly means for physicians to showcase their tremendous work and connect with each other.

Our Community Outreach Services was recognized and applauded by the community and we were awarded ” Distinguished Community Service” Award for our exceptional medical services to Bangladeshi Community by conducting Health Clinics, Health Fairs and Seminars. We will also be arranging for physicians to participate in a Rohingya Health Camp during winter with the aid of Hope Foundation and we will consider including resident physicians from USA who may be interested to join us in this venture.

These are just a few of the projects we have undertaken for now and we will continue to maintain extreme professionalism, transparency and full accountability to our members. 

We want to thank all of you for being a part of BMANACA Chapter. We are as strong as our individual members. We can’t do this alone, so we need all of your support to make the next 2 years and beyond a dynamic success for BMANACA Chapter.

‘The best way to find ourselves is to lose ourselves in the service of others’.

So please join us in this exciting service-oriented venture together!!!!!!

Thanking you


Rubina Najeeb M.D.


BMANA California Chapter.

Executive Members of BMANA CA 2018-2020

President– Dr. Rubina Najeeb
President Elect– Dr. Anisul Aslam
Past President– Dr. Aboo Nasar
General Secretary– Dr. Mahfuz Rahman
Treasurer– Dr. Syeda Kabir
Scientific Secretary– Dr. Arshia Aslam & Dr. Madhury Khan
Cultural Secretary– Dr. Diba Farah
Chief Patron– Dr. Nasima Begum; Dr. Pradip Chowdhury; Dr Ruby Hossain;  Dr Iqbal Munir.
Member-At- Large– Dr. Rabi Alam; Dr. Showkot Ara Rahman; Dr. Tanima Shaheed
Young Physician: Dr. Sajib Saha
Communication and Media Head: Dr. Syeda Lata Akhtar. 
Rubina Najeeb - MD, President
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Sayeda Kabir Tuli- MD, Treasure BMANACA
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Diba Farah- MD, FAAP.
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Sayeda A Lata - Media
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Dr. Ruby K Hossain -Chief Patron
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Showkot Ara Rahman- MD Member At Large
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