1)Health Fair and Bone Marrow Donor Drive: March 31st and April 1st 2012.

2)CME: June 16th 2012 in San Diego. ( add the pics I had sent to you from where we chose 2 pics for the home page will go here. Just add the link)

Congratulations to BMANA CA Chapter for hosting the first CME conference in San Diego California On June 16, 2012. Our vision
of integrating the Bangladeshi and the American community through the joint venture with IFIM- Institue For Integrative Medicine,
has enhanced and obtained respect for our BMANA organization not only to the Bangladeshi but also the American healthcare
professionals. This process will also increase the participation of the second generation Bangladeshi doctors. This was the first CME
venture by the California Chapter and it was done very professionally and in a timely manner. We started at 8:30 am and finished at
Some highlights from the program.
The registration went smoothly.The registration package with our new logo was very well put together.The AV component went
without any major glitches.
The topics were very relevant and encompassed a wide array of subjects that are relevant to our practice.
The speakers were very dynamic and made the audience interact. They were all on time and it was made sure by the moderators
that they finished within their time span.
The Q & A sessions occurred in the courtyard and each speaker was given opportunity to answer attendees questions.
The vendors had a lot of traffic throughout the day.
IFIM’s director Dr. Ross who co-hosted the program was instrumental in the success of this program and we owe him a big thanks.
Integrative medicine is the wave of the future and we are proud to be a part of this bandwagon.
We raised good revenue that evening.
Attendees at the conference felt the topics were relevant to their practice and felt the speakers were able to give them inputs that
they can use in their practice.
This is a great beginning of fusion of east and west where we will always try to enhance our image of BMANA and Bangladesh.
This was a collaborative effort and each carried out our part beautifully.

3)Annual reception (California Chapter): November3rd, 2012

BMANA-CA Annual Gala Night
Bangladesh Medical Association of North America- California Chapter (BMANA-CA) held its Annual Gala Banquet on Saturday,
November 3rd 2012 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Fullerton, California. BMANA is a voluntary association of Bangladeshi physicians in
the United States which sets standards for the medical profession and advocates on behalf of physicians. The California Chapter was
reinvigorated in 2009 and has been dynamic in steering its place to national status.
The function was attended by Physicians, their families and friends. Guests were cordially received and registered by our young
energetic physicians Dr. Rana Syed and Dr. Sajib Shah. The evening started with the singing of the National Anthems and the
introduction of the the Masters of Ceremony Dr. Tanima Shaheed and Dr. Shamim Jhimlee, who conducted the function in a superb
style. After this, the Program Co Conveners Dr Nargis Akhanjee (The Chief Patron )and Dr. Aboo Nasar ( General Secretary)
addressed the audience. Next, the Treasurer Dr. Asit Shil discussed the financial status of the chapter. This was followed by the
academic section of the program. Noted Physicians like Professor Dr. K Jadeh- Nephrologist from University of California- Irvine, Dr.
C.H. Ahsan -Cardiologist from University of Nevada, Dr. Rumana Dowla a Hospitalist from Bangladesh, enlightened the spectators
on their specialized topics. Thereafter, The honorable Consul General of Bangladesh, Mr. Enayet Hossain, who has always been a
strong advocate of this Organization and whose poetry recitation has always been enjoyed by everyone, gave his speech.
The President of BMANA Central, Dr. Maksud Chowdhury, addressed the audience thanking the BMANA CA chapter for its
contribution. A special thanks to Dr. M Chowdhury and his wife who were gracious to honor us by their presence even though they
were affected by Hurricane Sandy that lashed the East Coast a week earlier. Dr. Pradip Chowdhury, the President of the CA chapter,
then gave a full throated speech thanking all the participants and members for all their hard work. He congratulated the members
for hosting a CME conference in San Diego ,CA and all the community services they provided throughout the year including Health
Fairs, Blood and Bone marrow donations, just to name a few. He discussed about the upcoming National Convention of BMANA in
2013 to be held in California and rallied the crowd for their full participation and commitment to make this a memorable occasion. Dr.
Iqbal Munir (Scientific Secretary) addressed the crowd for a moment of silence to pay respect to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The
physicians children raised about $1000 from the audience as a charitable donations for the victims.
The audience enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and a sumptuous feast. During dinner, the award ceremony was conducted. This years award
recipients were chosen for their dedication and contribution to the organization and included Dr. Moazzem Hossain, Dr. Nasima
Begum, Dr. Talat Khan, Dr. Rubina Najeeb, and Dr. Salma Khan who accepted the awards with tremendous pride.While the dinner
was being enjoyed, Dr . Ruman Rais ( Young Physicians Secretary) requested the member physicians to introduce themselves. The
Banquet was also attended by Dr. Alamgir Mahmud & Dr. Moksadul Habib (Scientific Secretary) Dr. and Fresno Members at Large
Dr. Tabassum Chowdhury and Dr. Nurun Khandakar.
The evening ended with the cultural section which was organized by Dr Shoma Barua (Cultural Secretary). The audiences witnessed
the multi-talented children and members of this organization who entertained us with songs, poetry and dances. This was followed
by the introduction of the guest artists Mr. Tajul Islam and Singer Madhumita. Madhumita enthralled the audience by her melodious
voice and Mr. Islam not only made the crowd laugh with his humor but also mesmerized us with Polli Giti. A special thanks to Dr.
Ruby Hossain (Chief Patron and Program coordinator) who meticulously designed the BMANA CA brochure and arranged for
the vendors to display their gorgeous garments. Special thanks to Dr. Rabi Alam who helped adorn the stage with great artistic
banners depicting the rich heritage of Bangladeshi culture.Lastly, a special thanks to Mr. Khan Kibria who captured the memories
of this elegant evening filled with fun, food and music through his lens. Thanks BMANA-CA members for yet another successful &
memorable event.

4)BMANA, California Chapter Activity in conjunction with BMANA central : 
a) BMANA :BRAC University: 


b) International Conference on Palliative Care at Terminal Phase of Life

Who Is This Conference Designed For?

We have designed the conference to be relevant and adaptable to all licensed health care practitioners that practice in the field of hospice and palliative care. Including but not limited to: Medical Doctors, Osteopathic Physicians, Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Certified Nurse Aids, Home Health Aids, Non-Certified Aids, Personal Aids, Licensed Practical Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Social Workers, Medical Social Workers, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Acupuncturists, Nurses, Dieticians, Nutritionists, Naturopathic Doctors, Doctor of Chiropractors, Clinical Nutritionists, Dentists and Psychologists.

Learn from some of the top practitioners in the field of Gerontology, Hospice and Palliative integrative medicine from both Bangladesh and USA.

                                     CONFERENCE ON DECEMBER 30th, 2012


9:00 – 10:00 – Inauguration  5 min
                         National Anthem 8 lines only 5 min
                         Welcome speech by Convener Dr. Rumana Dowla 20 min
                         Chief Guest 10 min
                         Special Guest 10 min
1st Scientific Session
10:00 – 10:15 AMKeynote Speech  Dr. Rezwan Islam
10:15 AM- 10:45 AMState of Art Cancer ManagementDr. Rezwan Islam
10:45 -11:15 AMIntegrative approach to Cancer ManagementDr. Aboo Nasar
11:15 AM -11:30 AMTea Break 
2nd Scientific Session ( Mini Talk segment)  
11:30 AM  – 11:45 AMBarriers to Management of Hematologic cancersDr. Mahbubur Rahman
11:45- 12:00 NoonPain Management in Terminally Ill patientsDr. Akhtaruzzaman
12:00-12:15 PMCultural Barriers to Hospice and Future of Palliative care in BangladeshProf. Nezam Ahmed
12:15-12:30 PMGlobal Approach to Hospice and Palliative CareDr. Rumana Dowla
12:30 PM – 1:00 PMOpen Speaker Panel Discussion & Q/A 
1:00- 2:00 PMLunch and Break 
3rd Scientific Session  
2:00-2:15 PMPrognostic IndicatorsDr. Aboo Nasar
2:15-2:30 PMRole of Nutriceuticals at end of life 
Health Forums  
2:30 -2:50 PMAmader Gram Using Technology in Hospice CareReza Salim
2:50-3:00  PMHow to transform grief to personal strengthAsik Foundation
3:00-3:30 PMHeart Forum conducted by Dr. CH Ahsan End stage AnginaDr. CH Ahsan
Heart to Heart talkEnd stage Cardiac ArrythmiasDr. Atiar Rahman
 End stage CardiomyopathyDr. Fowzia Malik
3:30- 4:00 PMOpen Speaker Panel Discussion & Q/A 
4:00- 5:00 PMComedy, Music, Fund Raising, Closing Remarks and Adjourn  

PLUS, Attractive door prizes, such as conference DVDs and spiral booklet on Hot spot Hospice topics as well as copy of Dr. Ross’s ebook. As a bonus, complimentary listing in upcoming Web based Interactive Directory for Bangladeshi Practitioners**.

** To learn more about how to get a FREE listing at the upcoming website, please send an email at :

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